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Healthy plant-based meals are built from four staple foods, whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. When you prepare these foods with minimal use of salt, oil, and sugar, you can eat your meals ‘ad libitum’, that is, eat as much till your satisfied. The staple foods are all low in calorie density which makes it hard to overeat on these staples. Your stomach will be full with less calories than from standard omnivorous meal.

The easiest way to eat healthy plant-based meals is to prepare them yourself. Preparing plant-based meals may appear to be a daunting task at first, especially when you have been used to preparing meals centred on meat or fish. But once you understand the fundamentals of plant-based cooking and meal planning, it can actually become an exciting journey into healthy foods. Plant-based cooking can save you time spend in the kitchen and it is also better for your wallet to cook plant-based.

Frying without the use of oil may seem impossible, but with the right frying pan and use of a liquid it becomes very easy. READ MORE….

Understand how calorie density works. With this easy way of looking at calories, counting calories is no longer necessary. By filling up your plate with the right foods from the 4 staple foods, you cannot go wrong. READ MORE….

If you want to transition towards a healthy plant-based diet, you will notice the health benefits even when taking small steps by slowly replacing your meals with healthy plant-based alternatives. You can for example start with first committing to 1 plant-based meal a day for 1 week. In the second week replace to meals a day with plant-based meals. From the third week onwards increase your plant-based meals more. If your ready to go completely plant-based, great! But if you do not feel ready for it, no problem, just follow your own pace. At this point you will notice the health benefits of the plant-based diet and these will be the best motivation to continue your plant-based journey.

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