In 2015, After successfully finishing my nutrition studies in the Netherlands and starting my online practice offering nutritional advice, I left the Netherlands together with my wife to travel through Asia. After spending 18 months in Asia taking lots of cooking classes and studying traditional Thai massage, I returned to Europe together with my wife and in October 2016, we eventually ended up at Moinhos Velhos juice detox retreat in the Southwestern tip of continental Europe. Here I have been working as program facilitator / nutritionist of the juice detox programs, helping hundreds of people a year to make those small changes towards a healthier lifestyle and diet. In 2020, The one-week healthy plant-based eating retreats were added to the calendar at Moinhos Velhos. Besides preparing all the meals during this week, I give daily cooking workshops and nutrition lectures during the healthy eating retreats.

Working at Moinhos Velhos has shown me time and again that even small steps towards a healthier plant-based diet can give significant health benefits. My advice is based on the latest scientific understanding of nutrition and I can provide you with lots of practical tips on how to add more healthy foods to your diet. As I also have some experience cooking in a vegetarian restaurant, I can give you lots of tips on how to prepare delicious plant-based meals. With a passion for the use of spices, as these elevate the flavors of your dishes to the next level, while also having lots of benefits for your health.

I can help you make those small but important steps towards a healthier diet with online consultation. For in person help, you can come and visit me at one of our retreats in Portugal, and I could offer you a traditional Thai massage as well!

Teaching at Moinhos Velhos

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My specialist areas:

- Evidence based nutrition

- Whole foods plant-based eating

- Gut microbiome

- Science & cooking

- Plant based cooking



Qualifications & further studies:

  • Licensed weight loss consultant CIVAS academy
  • Natural nutrition expert (Higher Applied Education) CIVAS academy
  • Herbal medicine CIVAS academy
  • Nutrition & Health; The human microbiome Wageningen University
  • Science & Cooking Harvard University
  • Traditional Thai massage (150 hours) Thai Spa Burapa Trat
  • Reflexology foot massage (60 hours) Thai Spa Burapa Trat
  • Swedish massage course (60 hours) Thai Spa Burapa Trat


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