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Plant strong

Eating meat, and if so how much and what kind, is a personal choice. There are several issues concerning the choice to eat meat. Raising cattle is a good way to turn grasses that we humans cannot eat into high quality protein, but nowadays lots of perfectly edible corn and soy are used as feed.

What about fish

Fish is considered by many a healthy addition to your diet, but there’s a catch, the number of fish in the ocean are declining rapidly and fish can be contaminated with several toxins. Fish is an excellent source of many nutrients, but you can get these nutrients from other foods as well.

Soy products

Several plant foods contain fyto-estrogens, naturally occurring substances in plants that resemble estrogen, the female hormone that regulates several processes in women and men. These fyto-estrogens or dietary estrogens are a source of contention considering if they are beneficial or not.

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