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The microbiota is the name for the community of microorganisms that live inside of us. The term microbiome is used when referring to the genetic code of the microbiota. We have approximately 37 trillion (12 zeroes) microorganisms living in our gut of which around 70% resides in your large intestine. They add around 2 kilograms of weight to your body.

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Lectins are s family of proteins that bind to carbohydrates. Most foods contain lectins but significant amounts are found in beans, followed by grains and plants of the ¨Nightshade¨ family. Broad into the limelight by the 2017 publication of Dr. Gundry’s book ¨The plant paradox¨, and subsequently followed by different lectin-free diet guru’s. The plant paradox describes lectins as the #1 danger in our diet, the source of most, perhaps all human disease.


Vilcabamba, a small village in the foothills of the Andes of Ecuador, is internationally renowned for its healthy population. The valley where this village is situated is also called the valley of longevity (Valle de longevidad). The reports that the people would live up to a 140 years old, subsequently proved exaggerated. Although it appears now that the residents of Vilcabamba don’t become significantly older that the people in the West, but they reach their old age in general good health and a good level of fitness. In the course of time there have been given different explanations for this.


If you'll someday find yourself in Jamaica, you’ll come surely into contact with the Rastafarian faith and their reggae music. Rastafarians live according to the commandments of the old testament and they use some other texts as well that are not acknowledged by the Christian church.

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The supermarket is nowadays for many people in the Western world the only place where they do their groceries. Supermarkets are an American phenomenon that really took off after the Second World War. The advent of the large supermarkets has in most places caused the local neighborhood shops to close their doors because they are not able to compete with the big companies.

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The food choices you make are a personal matter, which involves things like taste, culture, pleasure, community and health. Nowadays, there are lots of different opinions and schools of thought concerning diet, with often contradicting information.


Dairy is often promoted as a good source of calcium. However, dairy is a complex mixture of ingredients of which some promote calcium retention like magnesium and potassium, and some promote calcium excretion like sodium and proteins. Dairy contains high amounts of sodium and proteins and is low in magnesium. The amount of calcium needed to balance this loss is hard to determine.

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