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Healthy Eating retreat 2021

25 September – 2 October  Abundant wellness / Healthy Eating retreat

We are getting ready for our 2021 Abundant wellness / Healthy eating retreat at Moinhos Velhos retreat centre in the Algarve. We currently have only two rooms left for this program so be fast to reserve your spot if you want to join us in the sunny Algarve to boost your vitamin D levels before the dark winter days and learn what you can do to boost your vitamin D levels during the wintertime.

Sald timeYou will be served 3 freshly prepared and delicious plant-based meals a day that will help you reach a healthy body weight, get regular smooth bowel movements, and will make you a feel better. The diet plan has proven scientifically to prevent and treat diabetes, heart disease, lower your risk for several types of cancer, and live a healthier, longer life.

We start the day with a daily Yoga class after which breakfast will be served. After the lunch there will be a talk on nutrition that will help you understand the basics of nutrition and provides you with practical tips to incorporate more whole plant-based foods in your diet. As we know that even small steps toward a more plant-based diet can bring you significant health benefits. During the day there will be time to book an additional therapy with one of our therapists, enjoy our salt-water pool and wood-fired sauna, or join in the kitchen to help with the food preparation. After dinner there will every day be a different workshop, focussing on meditation and wellness.

Here at Moinhos Velhos retreat centre, you will be surrounded by a nature reserve and a dam lake, which give you the option to go on several nature walks in the area, and marvel at the stars at night in our unpolluted night sky.

For bookings, get in touch with me through email, or make your booking directly on the website from Moinhos Velhos.

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