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The case for the use of GMO seeds is equivocal. Many people are wary to utilize this new technology, that reaction is an integral part of human nature, as we also see with Covid vaccines. People tend to choose for a known danger over a new unknown (possible) danger. Our scientific understanding of genetic modification is not complete, especially not for the layperson.

Nutritional yeast with added B12


You only need to absorb a tiny amount of vitamin B12 daily, around 4 mcg a day. The receptors in the ileum that absorb B12 can only absorb about 1.5 mcg at once and cannot absorb any more for several hours. To obtain adequate levels of B12 on a plant-based diet, you should consume at least three servings of B12 fortified foods daily, plant-based milks and nutritional yeast are often available in fortified versions.

B12 supplements

Vitamins are essential nutrients that we must obtain from our diet. Vitamin B12 deserves some special attention, this water-soluble vitamin is essential for several processes in the body and a chronic deficiency can result in anaemia or paralysis. It is required for DNA synthesis, crucial in times of rapid growth.

Peas & Carrots

The science

If you look at the science you can easily get hopelessly confused, as you can find studies that pretty much supports anything. Many foods have been described as either good or bad for your health. It is therefore necessary to look at the preponderance of the evidence available instead of ´cherry picking´ some studies. In the field of nutrition, we have lots of epidemiological studies, these studies look for causes and risk factors for diseases in defined populations.

Pasta (Carbs)

The side effects

Many of the side effects of low carbohydrate diets were already known in the 20th century when the classic ketogenic was devised by Dr. Russel Wilder to treat children with epilepsy that could not be treated with medication. The short-term side effects reported were diarrhoea, constipation and vomiting. Long term side effects reported include vitamin deficiencies, kidney stones, restricted growth, fatal cardiac arrhythmias, pancreatitis, high cholesterol, and bone fractures.

Plant-based Pasta 'Bolognese'

Many proponents of ketogenic diets strive to keep the body in a permanent state of ketosis. This is a very unnatural state for anybody to be in long term. Not even predatory animals that naturally subsist on a low carbohydrate diet, live in a permanent state of ketosis (6). They actually use gluconeogenesis to transform protein into glucose, and only when they suffer from prolonged starvation or when they are diabetic these animals will go into ketosis. This all makes sense because glucose is needed for intense bursts of energy, which most predatory animals need if they want to catch their prey.

Cake & Ice cream

Out of the many diets nowadays there are a lot that propose to limit your carbohydrate intake and thus eat more of the other macronutrients, fat and protein. All these diets see carbohydrates as the dietary supervillain that makes us sick and overweight, but is there actually any truth in this?

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